Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission

The vision of PEAKDEFI is to enable everybody on the planet to grow their wealth, no matter what position they are in at the moment.
To give everybody the same chance the solution has to be decentralized, easy to understand and easily accessible. That's the mission at PEAKDEFI.



Sergej Heck


Sergej is a successful author, global marketing expert and blockchain entrepreneur. He is the owner of and, two platforms and crypto magazines which educate people about the unlimited possibilities of blockchain technology.

Benjamin Bendig


Benjamin is a highly skilled Developer who worked as lead developer at Bitwala in the past. Since then he’s been the cofounder and CTO of another startup and now is looking forward to apply his learnings to help kickstart PEAKDEFI.

Jonas Mehmood


Jonas is an expert in Social Media Marketing and has an advanced knowledge in the Blockchain Space. He knows exactly how to interact with his target group and gain more reach.

Ararat Tonoyan

Solidity Engineer

Ararat is a web and blockchain specialist who worked on many projects in the DeFi space. He has a great understanding for architectural solutions and microservices for blockchain

Oksana Pylypenko

iOS Developer

Oksana has worked in the IT industry since 2013 and developed in this time many mobile business applications mainly on iOS platforms. She has experience in OOP, design patterns, RESTful web services, pixel perfect UI design and other practices for high quality and production ready software.

Romain Arandel

Denys Roman R.

Android Developer

Denys is a DeFi enthusiast with a great experience in mobile development for Android by working on many dApps in the past.